Masters of the Universe Origins: Horde Trooper

Published on 17 September 2022 at 01:32

Hordak's robotic troopers come to Origins!

More, or less the Storm Troopers of the Evil Horde!

I never owned an Horde Trooper as a kid. But I am certainly going to end up owning more than one of them now!

Overall a good figure. I do sort of wish the breakaway armor gimmick had been left off so we could have a more dense torso but it does not interfere. I am for sure going to army build these guys, and at least one of them will become a custom armored Hordak.

The Horde Trooper pairs very nicely with my Gold Trendmaster Cylon Commander, who I might also buy more of. There is a Black Stealth Trendmaster Cylon I've had my eye for awhile now. 

Good journey! 

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