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Spanking Shorts

Short, sharp, shocks! Delivered soundly to naughty young women's shapely posteriors.

The Federal Galactic Empire

Inaugurated by Shinras Rukh, known as The Phoenix, an incarnate Vril. The Federal Galactic Empire brought general harmony to a once perilous and war ravaged galaxy, lorded over by Anunnaki subjugation. Fragments of humanity - Saxkrasii, Morningstars, and Falcanians stand now united by bilateral faiths, and common civilization. Explore this Imperium: Where mechanized Imperial Expeditionary Force Gyrfalcon troopers launch beachheads onto Frontier planets, and mysterious Technomancers, Arclayht Warlocks, bend matter and sling illusion. The Sovereign Marshal herself, Karaseer Drakonis, a powerful sorceress rules.