Notes From TFGES: Exploring Dragoon [Imperial Capital]

Published on 20 November 2022 at 22:56

No ordinary planet Dragoon, The Phoenix built his standing army of Iron Cavalier here and became an emperor.

Begun as a colony of Falcania-Vor, by the Phoenix and built using eldritch, technomancy, the mysterious Arclayht Warlock order consider Dragoon to be their homebase. 

Drakshire - Capital of the Holy Vril Imperium.

Falcon's Krag and its Great Hall. Imperial Palace on Dragoon. The palace sits on the shores of Lake Urks in the shadow of Mount Vultan. Often called a Hunting Lodge, indeed that remains its designation, but it is far more. 

Imperial Majesty, Lady Protector of the Kingdom and Sovereign Marshal Karaseer Odette Drakonis. KOD RI! [Regina Imperatix].

Throne of Galan aka 'Ram Throne'. Bestowed upon The Phoenix by the Saxkrasii, the imperial chair resides in Falcon's Krag

Count Hugo Dark, Defense Intelligence Master and his wife Countess Dark, Narishika Havik the Empress's personal secretary.

Starcore Tabernacle, where the Emperor/Empress is crowned. Built in honor of the Noble Saxkrasii Starcore family.

Reeve Hall [Parliament], where the Galactic Shirehold usually meets. Barring of course special sessions of the Witan which are sometimes held in other locations than on Dragoon. The Galactic Shirehold predates the present Imperium and consisted of Dragoon, The Falcanian Khanate, and the Regency of Kobolt and Caliburn.

Chancellor Kain Vos.

Lord Mayor's Office. The Lord Mayor is equal to planetary governor on Dragoon, and handles most domestic affairs not directly run by the Imperium.

Pendragon Trinity Academy [Dragoon Campus] the original school is located on Falcania-Vor, but that's another story.

Flint Firescale's Goat Farm and Forge.

The Imperial Bank.

Great Stadium. Notable for being the venue Princess Fallon performed a concert which made her famous, not only among the Falcanian and Saxkrasii people but brought her recognition on the Galactic Stage.

Iron Cavalier barracks and training center.

Fenris Blaze: Empress Karaseer's Chief of Staff, Supreme Razr, and Man-At-Arms of the Iron Cavalier.

The Command Center from which The Phoenix ran the Liberation War.

Ravenhold Castle, located in Kraymoore, which serves as the central hub of the Arclayht Warlock.

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Joleene Naylor
a year ago

These are pretty cool!

a year ago

Thanks. Really helped me lockdown Dragoon and the Holy Vril Imperium in general.

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