Mattel MOTU Origins: Horde Troopers, 200x Skeletor and He-Man, and MiniComic Trapjaw!

Published on 6 December 2022 at 22:09

I got Origins figures for my birthday and did a little customizing.

I really like the 200x Skeletor head sculpt, however I found the body too devoid of color and I need my Skeletor to have monster arms, thank you very much. So thanks to Origins modularity, I kitbashed my own. Overall I  am reminded of the '87 Masters of the Universe Movie.    

And so I used 200x Skeletor's body to make myself a Blue Hordak. Not done yet. He's gonna get a robot right arm soon, and probably a new head sculpt. 

I totally am into Mincomic Trapjaw's colors. Though oddly Mattel removed a single point of articulation on this guy. Not sure why.

200x He-Man is now my default He-Man. Not sure what plans I have for the 'Vintage' version just yet. Perhaps a King Grayskull?

I love these Horde Troopers! Need to get a few more. 

Good journey!

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