Babylon 5: The Road Home - Beyond the Rim

Published on 15 August 2023 at 23:08

What lies beyond the Rim, at the edge of Creation?

He is, as I AM, as WE ARE - God, Babylon 5: The Road Home

That's some sentence to unpack. Complete with layers of metaphysical, and indeed theological meaning and significance. This scene between John Sheridan and the apparent Objective Observer and Creator of the Babylon 5 Universe is probably one of the best in all of Babylon 5 and its just two entities conversing. Which is saying a lot, given what transpired in the scene preceding it. The phrase, I AM being spoken by this entity, which observes from the edge of Creation are not random choice.     

Calling this entity merely a 'Being' as I read in one review greatly undersells and probably misses the point. Either out of ignorance of intention. Some will grumble (Much as they did in BSG) that a Transcendent Creator - Who himself concedes, he can intercede in mortal events, exists as a component of Babylon 5, though the series itself long alluded to such being the case, and often its touchstones were rooted in Monotheistic and Biblical view, regardless of JMS's own asserted atheism.     

One of the reasons I am posting again about this is, it touches very close upon my own concept of God. Which for the sake of this post I'll deem "Deist Plus".

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