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Masters of the Universe Origins: Hordak!

Published on 17 January 2022 at 16:40

Hordak (Or, to use his "Real Name" Hec-Tor Kuris more or less the Darkseid of Masters of the Universe. He turned Prince Keldor 'To the Dark Side' teaching him magic and remade Keldor into Skeletor after merging Keldor with a resident of Despondos to save the Prince's life.

I'm really glad to have added this guy to my collection. My Hordak figure was one of my favorite He-Man toys when I was kid and this new version is great!

I also got She-Ra/Adora. She's great as well.

Love her head sculpt!

Man-At-Arms/Duncan, is a solid figure!

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Joleene Naylor
7 months ago

Sweet!! I have the old She-rah somewhere. My cousin used to have all the Masters of the Universe figures. It was crazy. Of course they're long gone now.

7 months ago

I had a huge collection of figures. Castle Castle Grayskull, Snake Mountain. Wish I still had them - This new line though makes up for it. Better still, more articulated while preserving the elegant simplicity of the vintage figures.

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