Masters of the Universe Origins: Stratos (Minicomics)

Published on 7 July 2022 at 23:38

The Lord of Avion and winged simians joins the Masters of the Universe!

So wait! The Avions, are ape-people? That makes an odd sort of weird sense. I mean, Stratos here shares Beast Man's hairy body. 

OK. I know this minicomics version of Stratos triggers some people and I'll say all things being equal, I'd have liked to have gotten the original release, but he has sort of grown on me.  

Stratos is one figure I never had as a kid, though my clearest memory is a neighbor friend did, and Stratos is when we kids realized Mattel reused bodyparts to produce Masters of the Universe figures. That Beast Man hairy chest and all. 

Good Journey!

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