Notes From TFGES: Iron Cavalier

Published on 20 July 2022 at 19:52

The elite soldiers of The Holy Vril Imperium and personal bodyguards to the Sovereign Marshal (Galactic Emperor/Empress).

Emblem of the Iron Cavalier.

Faceless, crested gold chrome helmets. Sturdy black plated high-impact armor, knee-hi buckled steel-toe combat boots, and magnificent longcoats, tooled from Dragoon Woolly Ram hide. Outfitted with Falcata blades, and D75 MARK III Sacra Blunderbuss’s. These were dread Imperial Iron Cavalier.

-- Troika (A Story of The Federal Galactic Empire)

D75 MARK III Sacra Blunderbuss

Helmets from a motorcycle riding past.

Falcata Blade.

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