The Imperial harem is lush with gorgeous women, gathered from across the globe. Each selected for their delectable beauty or refinement. Yet a bevy of beautiful females can sometimes be a handful, especially when a new arrival thinks herself beyond the rules. When that happens, the Shotar must discipline his naughty concubine.

Part 1. Songbirds

In his lifetime, the Shotar romanced numerous attractive women. First his Queen, the incomparable Nadia Korelia and later, Frederika. Yet, the girl who Sharr Khan came to call Kitana brought with her a youthful, rebellious sexuality, into a palace that discovered itself at the head of a growing superpower. As a sovereign nation, we Falcanians rose up to find our place. I think the Shotar’s relationship with this young woman helped him transition over into his new role as leader of a people, suddenly on the world theater.

— Shreik Trakan. The Fallen: A Biography Of The First Shotar

[Vorkrür Island, Evening. August 7, 2019]

Jasmine Thayer, like many of the Shotar’s Oskien ran toward dark haired, light-eyed and quite busty. The green-eyed, curly haired brunette did not disappoint. Curves were admired by Sharr Khan, who didn’t much care for waifs in his nodor.

Originally Welsh, before she’d undergone Rashalon to be transformed into a silvery-blue winged Falcanian. She’d been a Page 3 Girl in her former life, which is how Sharr Khan happened to notice her and how she garnered an invite to visit Kuras, the original Falcanian settlement located on the subcontinent. Infatuated with the Welsh girl, Sharr Khan asked Jasmine to become a Falcanian. Not an uncommon practice. Motivated by the notion she could then give birth to the Shotar’s offspring, Jasmine readily agreed to go through with the procedure. Sure enough, not long after, Jasmine bore him a daughter. A fact which cemented her place in the Palace. Imperial progeny, even those begot on concubines were treasured. Of course Jasmine realized there were reasons such offspring were encouraged. Rumor had it; complications existed in the Queen’s reproductive status. Though she’d managed to provide him two daughters.

Many beautiful women dwelt in Sharr Khan’s harem, mostly brunettes, and few blondes. When it came to blondes, Sharr Khan could be rather fussy. Yet among this multitude of gorgeous females, the incomparable blue-eyed Robotess, Nadia Korelia endured no rivalry. As Queen, her shadow loomed over the nodor. The Oskien were aware she pronounced the rules which they lived under. It might be Sharr Khan’s serail, yet it proved to be Nadia’s demesne.

Ah, the new arrival. Jasmine spotted Kitana Sang, who lounged about the inviolable nodor in nothing but sparest of clothing. Only one male could enter this section of the mansion, so often the Oskien walked around naked, or nearly so.


“Jasmine,” said Kitana curtly, coal-black eyes peered over her tablet.

Why are new girls so standoffish?, thought Jasmine and sighed. “Not long ago, I to was new here.” Said Jasmine, though the red-winged Kitana did her best to pretend not to hear. “Sharr’s a bit of a fancy for British birds.” She giggled. “Could be because our tits tend to be so big.” Jasmine eyed Kitana very annoyed that she was being ignored. Observed: For a ballerina, her boobs sure are huge. “Am I bothering you?”

Placing aside her reading, Kitana snapped. “Yes.”

“I’d stow that attitude if I were you.” Jasmine warned.

“Or what?” Kitana got up, hands on hips.

“Forget it.” Jasmine sneered. “You’ll find out.”

“No. Tell me!”

Jasmine began to walk away.

Perhaps it had been Jasmine’s self-assured posture, or maybe her implied threat, but Kitana could not abide either. She grabbed the Welsh Oskien, and pushed her over the settee where a few seconds before she’d been reading.

Hair pulling ensued, as well as the sound of screaming soon traveled the Imperial residence.

Into a frenzied girl-fight Tansuri Roy entered. Being Sharr Khan’s Chief Concubine meant keeping control over the nodor. “Kitana, get off her now!” The beautiful Sikh sitarist scolded. That didn’t do the trick, not that she’d really expected for it to, so Tanusri let loose a shrill whistle.

Kitana blinked and realized an audience of women collected to witness the catfight. Tanusri Roy, mistress of the nodor stood glaring disapproval.

Free of Kitana, Jasmine quickly stood.

“What caused this fight?” Demanded Tansuri.

“Kitana’s been a spoiled brat. I thought I’d offer her some free advice about keeping her attitude in check. You know how the new girls are Tanu. Many of us think we’re all that when we become a part of this household.” Jasmine volunteered. “I tried to warn her, how she’d end up in trouble. Next thing I knew she jumped me.”

“Is that what happened Kitana?”

Rather than respond, Kitana folded her arms over her chest, the whole while, her plated-tail swung back and forth irritated. What did they know? She was the Shotar’s new favorite. Surely these women noticed how much attention Sharr paid to her?

“Answer me.”


“Just maybe?” Tanusri Roy’s fine brow arched. “Kitana, I’m going to have to report this incident to Sharr. He won’t be pleased.” She tsked. “Penalty for such disgraceful actions means the cane. No matter the Shotar’s affection for you, my dear girl, you’re not above the rules.”

Kitana only huffed. Yeah right, she thought. No one’s gonna cane me. I got more than enough of that back home in Korea… Delicate fingers however, involuntary moved in the direction of her tight ballerina’s derriere, not caring to experience such a humiliation ever again. Her own father, part of the ruling Korean regime was very strict with his only daughter. Not that her life hadn’t been opulent back then. It had, though that opulence was all but lost to her in the horrid war which propelled Kitana into this lifestyle as a courtesan.

“Don’t believe me do you?” Tanusri cocked her head in the direction of Jasmine, who really didn’t bother to conceal an evil grin. “Ask your wrestling companion there. Jasmine knows the consequences of breaking rules.”

“And I got it for far less than what you just did.” Jasmine smugly said. “All I wanted to do was give a new girl fair warning.” Sympathetic. “Now, you went and got into the trouble that I tried to keep you out of. When you’re ordered to strip, go out into the garden, to be bent over a rack and thrashed by one of Sharr’s hunky Drakorian Guards, don’t come crying to me.”

The tiniest bit worried, Kitana Sang continued to stand defiant among the chattering women, black eyes hooded and exquisitely pointed chin upturned. Sharr would never, ever abuse her like that. Would he? If he did, she’d… She’d… Do what exactly? This life was much too delightful to give up. Besides, she really couldn’t go anywhere else. Kitana no longer had a home. Doubtful anything the concubine threatened Sharr with could prevent him from enforcing his rules. Of course Kitana remembered, these weren’t exactly his rules.

Part 2. A Rooster Among His Hens

Being Sharr Khan’s Majordomo, you notice these sort of things. Here’s a secret. the Shotar’s Kajra Re, if anything, was often far more possessive of Sharr Khan then his wife. The Queen, whatever her reasons might have been, had a hand in turning Sharr Khan into what we (his close friends) often referred to as an ‘accidental womanizer’. The man I knew, wouldn’t have gotten involved in as many sexual encounters, did not Nadia herself go out of her way to pick women for him to fuck. Perhaps it was her need to experiment?

— Shreik Trakan. The Fallen: A Biography Of The First Shotar

Sharr Khan thrust into his wife’s moist slit, filled her up with a rush of sperm. Enjoyed the sight of those bright-blue incandescent Morningstar eyes, lit in-pleasure. She pushed her hips upward to meet his engorged cock. The missionary position, not how they typically made love. The Shotar preferred to enter a female’s khabuss from behind. Yet, Sharr Khan could not deny, he enjoyed seeing those wonderful bright-blue eyes as Nadia lay underneath him.

Nadia moaned, a loud sultry, female noise.

The couple’s exertions could only be described as sexual Olympics, mostly because they weren’t alone in the Shotar’s very comfortable, accommodating nest. Beside the conjoining twosome, lay Shalimar Shial, pleasantly asleep, her own sexual gratifications tended to. Not quite a wife, Sharr Khan at least for the moment only kept one, Shalimar proved to be much more than a mere concubine. She’d been Nadia’s childhood friend. For her own reasons, the Queen brought Shalimar into her husband’s nest. Not a wife, but Kajra Re. A title of respect which the Shotar created especially for Shalimar that carried with it many of the same privileges as a genuine wife.

Her own, steel-gray and Sharr’s gunmetal black plated-tails intertwined, pincers clacked as they continued to make love. The Queen achieved orgasm in a prolonged cry. Clutching onto the nesting’s crimson bed silks, Nadia writhed, spine arched, and behind her, glassy-rose wings twitched in her pleasures thunderous release. Huskily, Nadia breathed out. “I love you.”

Sharr Khan pulled out, cum slicked penis brushed along Nadia’s inner thigh.

Rousing, Shalimar rolled over. Caramel almond eyes fluttered open, they went rather nicely with her tawny,-brown voluptuous body. The Bengali woman’s numerous golden bangles clanged as she sat up on her knees in the nest, ample tits heaving, areola swollen, and nipples erect. Lustrous black hair cascaded over her oval face.

The Shotar got out of his nest, strode to a decanter of Calviiri atop a hewn sideboard. Poured a burnt umber, aged liquor into a heavy, crystal tumbler. Sharr Khan took a moment to savor the sugary aroma and then tipped back the whole tumbler in a single gulp. The sweet-smoky liqueur coated his throat, and was quite refreshing.

“Is it me, or has his libido increased?” Pondered Shalimar.

“Yes,” said Nadia having observed this herself. “It has.” She licked her maroon lips, pushed aside auburn tresses and sat naked beside her best friend in the nest. “I’ve given it great consideration. I think it’s something to do with my Morningstar origins. My physiology has changed Sharr’s biology. Noticed it almost from the moment he and I started fucking.” Observed. “Now, if only he’d let me give him a transfusion. My blood’s nanomachines could repair his flawed heart.”

While his Queen and Kajra Re chattered on as if he weren’t there, Sharr Khan poured for himself another drink of Calviiri. Despite the tremendous enjoyment he’d recently experienced, the days difficulties weighed on the Shotar’s shoulders.

Nadia stretched, let out a sigh. “That quarrel at the jirga still bothering you hun?”

The Shotar glanced over his shoulder. “Vorkrür Island’s been online just nine months, and here we are, tinkering with established Falcanian governance.” He exhaled annoyed. “Damianus Vorskrai’s proposition to reorganize our government is surprisingly popular. At least among his workers. Not so much so with the warriors, or my Tahru clerics. A state of affairs that could lead to instability. I do not care for the secrecy it shall breed.”

“Open jirga’s always been the Falcanian way.” Shalimar commented. People often mistook her model beauty to mean that she must be an airhead. But never Sharr Khan. “Not this cloistered parliament of lords which Vorskrai suggests.” Her blunt answer to the problem. “You’re the Shotar. Do not allow it to happen. If you require a reason, cite Falcanian righteousness.”

“Damianus Vorskrai believes it will shift power to his Guilthari.” Nadia reasoned. “He’d not have suggested such a reorganization, if he did not think he could see it accomplished.” She frowned. “He’s an ace up his sleeve. Be cautious. We need his merchants.”

“Of course Nadia.” Agreed the Shotar. “You say merchant as if Vorskrai’s genuinely a Capitalist.” Sharr Khan glowered more. “Why does every civilization on this planet sooner or later end up plagued by Marxists?” Complained the Shotar. “I’d thought I forestalled such deterioration with the ThunderHawk Compact. Each house gets an equal voice.”

“As I recall,” said Nadia, got out of the nest. “Your friend, Kvaltar, who established the Guilthari, happens himself to be a Socialist.”

“Yes, Bright-Eyes.” Sharr reached out, took hold of her chin. Leaned in for a kiss. Oh, his beloved Robotess, so very lovely. Those molded Persian features, based on her Father-Creators unusual Iranian-Finn heritage. The Shotar missed the good-humored scientist. “And the Commander-in-chief of my army is a Spartan Vegan. Not exactly Falcanian is it?”

“Oh, forgive me. I didn’t intend to interrupt –”

Nadia nibbled and sucked affectionately on Sharr’s thumb as he ran it over her pouty maroon lips. To Tansuri she said lasciviously. “Come in Tanu. You’re always more than welcome.”

The Chief Concubine gazed in awe on her Queen’s naked beauty. Never really human, Nadia did not suffer from human nudity taboos. Always unapologetic, at home in her magnificent body. Tansuri said. “There’s a problem.”

“Of course there is.” Remarked Sharr Khan laconically as he grabbed hold of Tanusri by her bare midriff. His other hand made its way upward for her breasts.

Breathless. “Would you care for me to undress?”

“You’re my Chief Concubine.” Sharr Khan quipped, hand crawling under Tanusri’s embroidered magenta-orange halter-top so he could tweak her brown nipple. “Getting naked seems to be implied in the job description.”

Tansuri explained. “Playing den mother to all these women you’re collecting for fuck dolls is also part of that job.” She breathed deeply when his hand slipped under the waistband of her lengha and between her legs. “Not always an easy task Milord.” Tanusri swooned in his embrace. “It’s Kitana.”

“What of her?”

“She’s…” Tanusri stole a glance at Nadia’s bare buttocks as she strolled over to the nest, a tumbler of Calviiri in each hand for both herself and Shalimar. The Queen’s plated-tail swung in insouciant sexuality. A vermillion reminder that the Shotar enjoyed spanking womanly rumps decorated Nadia’s callipygous bum. Nadia could make her flesh resilient as Kevlar, or soft as a microfiber comforter. Being a Clicker… A Robotess, had numerous bonuses. Probably, Shalimar’s posterior showed a matching hue. “Causing trouble…”

Nadia and Shalimar attentively looked on, while Sharr Khan felt up Tanusri. Both grinned. The Chief Concubine seemed lost in her body’s pleasurable responses. So much so, she nearly forgot why she’d come up to the Shotar’s lair.

“What sort of trouble?”

Tansuri moaned. “Huh?”

“Kitana. What did she do?”

“I walked in on her pummeling Jasmine.”

Sharr Khan peered over at Nadia and Shalimar, nude on his nest, drinking and sharing girlish whispers. Both perked up hearing of Kitana’s transgression. The Shotar paused in his purposeful exploration of Tanusri’s body.

“Catfights happen.”

“Yes Milord.” Pointedly. “And we deal with them firmly.” Tanusri sighed. “You’ve a mushy spot for Kitana. No wonder. She suffered under the Shogunate’s occupation of her county. It’s why you didn’t hesitate to accept her as a gift when Tokugawa bestowed her on you.” Coming to him was procedural, as she couldn’t order Kitana caned. “A dozen strokes should make the point.”

“It’s not my place Milord to tell you how to administer your concubines.” Nadia would never publicly undermine Sharr Khan’s authority. “However, there are prescribed methods. As part of her contract every Oskien understands what she agrees to. Kitana must be punished and the other Oskien must be aware she’s received comeuppance.”

With that Sharr Khan could not disagree. “I’ll see to it myself.”

Part 3. Disciplined Dove

There’s no such thing as an illegitimate Falcanian child.

— Nadia Korelia

Currents of warm water cascaded down a waterfall, and gathered in a wading pool located at the back of the Shotar’s harem. Kitana Sang bathed herself in its shallow area; she rubbed scented oils over a toned lithe body. From the other side of a lattice partition, the sound of Tanusri as she idyllically strummed on her sitar filled the nodor.

The nineteen year-old, Korean girl took full advantage of Narshin Thryak’s many luxuries. Privilege and lavishness were things that she’d grown up with, but geopolitics stole from her. This place proved to be much more fun, compared to the Occupation in North Korea. Born Ha-Nui (‘Honey’) Sang, Kitana lived a life of favor while others suffered under the old regime. Her parents were highly placed government officials, executed by the Shogunate.

Kitana survived the occupation utilizing her body. Worked her way up from the pleasuring of lowly foot soldiers, to finally the Shogun’s Techo-Samurai. At last brought to Vorkrür Island, as a gift for Sharr Khan Mingh Drakonis, on the inauguration of Vorkrür Island.

He stood at the edge of the pool, gazed downward at his favorite new concubine.

From under her blue-shadowed, coal eyes, Kitana glanced up and smiled. Invitingly she lifted her left leg, pointed her hot pink polished toenails at him, he thought, Kitana recalled, her adorable little toes looked perfect in stockings.

Sharr Khan glared, and frowned. motioned. Made it clear he wanted her up and out of the pool.

Water streamed off Kitana’s firm voluptuous dancer’s body as she got up, fanned her cardinal-red wings, and then swayed her gunmetal tail, which caused the water to slick off it in tiny droplets. She walked the few paces from the pool, to Sharr Khan. He handed her a large towel. The concubine dried herself, began to wrap the bath towel around her body. Yet Sharr Khan hooked his fingers into the fabric and threw it aside. He wanted her naked, vulnerable.

Ten minutes ago, Kitana wouldn’t have thought twice about striding around the nodor nude, hardly shy, her body is how she survived. Suddenly now, Kitana became too aware of her naked form under the glare of Sharr Khan as he ardently eyed her. It took a tremendous amount of self-control to not place a hand over her perky breasts, or her dark pubic feathers. After all, it wasn’t like Sharr Khan hadn’t ever seen her without clothes.

At last Sharr cleared his throat, spoke: “Tanusri tells me you started an argument last night, got into a cat-fight with another girl.”

Uh oh! Kitana glanced away, flushed.

“Kitana!” He prompted, expected an answer.

“Jasmine –”

“Yes or no?”

Kitana nervously swallowed. She did not have much of a choice but to respond. The concubine inhaled, felt like a little girl and said: “I didn’t mean to cause trouble…”

“Kitana, I like you.” Sharr Khan rather honestly told her.

“I know Milord.” It came out like a plea.

Lightly, Sharr Khan took the point of her chin in his hand. “But I shall not tolerate fighting in my nodor.” Kitana used the opportunity of his closeness, pressed her bare, wet body onto his. Maybe if she could distract him with sex?

The Shotar let go of the girl’s chin and then pulled off his fingerless gauntlets, tossed them down on a marble bench beside the wading pool.

That wasn’t hopeful knew Kitana.

Tanusri’s sitar music began to pick up its cadence.

“Come over here Kitana.” Sharr Khan ordered, sat on the nearby marble bench.

Kitana stared at her hot pink toenails.

“You have two choices.” Sharr Khan stated, at last, an edge entered his voice. “Come over here and this will be over with, or you’ll be sent back to the Shogun.”

That was stark and to the point. Kitana wasn’t about to give up the luxury of the Shotar’s home nor did she fancy the idea of going back to Japan. North Korean girls, even Falcanized one’s didn’t fare too pleasantly under the Shogun.

Kitana sighed, and then the concubine obediently did as she’d been told, walked over to Sharr Khan who glared expectantly at her. He didn’t provide the girl a moment to think about what was about to take place. A slight thing, barely five-feet tall, if even that, tiny and tight. So Sharr Khan easily upended her over his knee, secured her legs between his own and pushed Kitana’s nose down to the floor, which left her bottom completely upward. She wasn’t quite sure how he did it; somehow the Shotar made it so her wings locked in close to her body. Indifferently he flipped her tail aside to expose her bared buttocks.

Hands not completely on the floor, Kitana attempted to glance over her shoulder. However, straight black hair kept falling into her eyes. The concubine shuttered, inhaled as Sharr Khan’s fingers nonchalantly brushed over her exposed sex.

Was this to be a lesson in both pain and pleasure?

“Kitana I will not do this again. Next time you misbehave I’ll have you caned in the garden.”

A sharp crack made Kitana yelp, though she did her best to not scream under the hard spanks. Each whack caused Kitana to cry louder and louder. Kitana’s “Ouches!” And “Ohs!” Among a great many grunts, howls, never mind appeals for Sharr Khan to stop his blistering assault on her hindquarters, were set to the crescendo of Tanusri’s sitar.

Convinced that he’d at last gotten his point across. That is, once her bottom became nearly the same color as her cardinal-red wings, the Shotar pushed Kitana off his lap and left her to rest on reddened haunches. Too painful to kneel back on her legs, Kitana waited, thoroughly disciplined, uneasily supporting herself on the floor. Delicately she touched her sore butt, winced. She didn’t dare look at the Shotar, tears streamed down her face.

“I have something for you.” At last Sharr Khan told her.

That took her by surprise, and for a moment Kitana glanced up at him.

Sharr Khan stood up, lifted her chin and made those angled, moisture filled coal-eyes stare right into his own gray-blue ones. “Here.”

The Shotar handed over a felt covered box.

For the time being Kitana ignored the intense pain in her buttocks. The concubine took the box and opened it. Inside was a bluish-silver chain, set with a teardrop shaped white opal. Kitana removed the jewelry, held it against her upper chest to appreciate how it contrasted with her suntanned skin. The concubine’s pink lips opened to thank him, but no words came out. She couldn’t make out exactly what just happened. One minute, Sharr Khan spanks her ass black and blue, seconds later, he gives her jewelry. Often the Shotar confused her.

“Wear it tonight.” It wasn’t a suggestion. “I’d meant to give it to you at dinner — But I thought perhaps it would be more instructive if that opal should serve as part of this lesson. I’m more than happy to do whatever brings you pleasure Kitana, but you’re expected to behave. Causing silly trouble in my harem will not serve either of us. Be glad Nadia didn’t push it, because a hand spanking wouldn’t have been her first choice for your punishment.”

All Kitana could do was nod.

He helped Kitana fasten the bluish-silver chain, and then left her beside the pool to contemplate her sore tender bottom.

The dining room’s ovular doors slid open, and out stepped Nadia.

Beautiful, in a décolletage baring cobalt halter, black jeans and pointed claw-boots. Falcanian woman’s casual wear. Golden bands adorned Nadia’s bare upper arms, and around the Queen’s neck, a choker latched by an aureate Narshin-bird. Nadia appraised the Oskien before her. Neon-blue eyes narrowed to focus on the white opal that now dangled between Kitana’s perky breasts. Though Kitana made a good try of hiding it, the Queen could tell that the well-deserved spanking caused the Oskien to squirm where she stood and shift her posture from one thick heeled shoe onto another.

The concubine had been in the Queen’s proximity before, yet never so close. Overwhelmed by Nadia’s magnetic presence, Kitana managed. “You’re gorgeous.”

Nadia smiled pleasantly. “Have you glanced in a mirror?”

Kitana gazed down at herself, appreciated how the formfitting red silk dress conformed to her body’s contours. The color choice was an affront to etiquette. Only members of the Imperial Family wore red. Though Sharr Khan liked it on her, so Kitana went with red. Under the cool clingy material, her pert spanked posterior continued to burn. Keeping the intolerable discomfort off her face proved to be an effort. Yet eating at Sharr Khan’s elbow, while sulking most certainly would be out of the question.

The Queen said. “Sharr is not here.”

“But I was told to come up and dine with him.”

Seeing the poor girl’s troubled expression, Nadia assured. “You’re not in error. Sharr’s up in his lair. You’ll be dining with him there.”

“Oh!” Kitana hastened in the direction of Sharr Khan’s chambers, which were one level above the common family area. “I mustn’t be late.”

“Kitana.” Nadia stopped the fleeing Oskien. “Wait. I’d like to speak with you before you go.” The Queen could see Kitana dared not upset Sharr Khan anymore. Good, thought the Queen. Probably rarely would this Oskien need endure another punishment spanking. Though, that hardly meant she’d ever avoid having her butt walloped. “My husband likes you.”

The Oskien blushed. What should she say to that? “I know. Sharr… Rather– The Shotar…”

“My point is. Sharr has sympathy for the horrors you lived under the Japanese Occupation. He’s got a soft spot for troubled young women, I know.” Not the first time Nadia had this chat. Originally it’d been Tansuri, a street musician plucked from bombed out Numai’s squalor and poverty, soon became fully part of the Drakonis family. Nadia could see Kitana making that sort of transition. “The Shotar was very hesitant accepting you as a gift. After all, Falcanians do not keep slaves. Though he didn’t wish to offend the Shogun. He knew what awaited you if he sent you back to Japan.” She sighed. “Don’t abuse his love Kitana.”

“Never your Grace.” Kitana doubted very much the Queen would appreciate a mere Oskien addressing her in a familiar manner and so she kept with protocol.

LOVE! Is that what Sharr Khan felt toward her? Despite the painful discipline which Sharr Khan recently visited upon her derriere, Kitana thought she might indeed have those sort of feelings for the Shotar as well.

“Good. Then you’d best go up to his lair.”

Nadia watched Kitana stride the triangular length of hallway. Couldn’t help but notice as the Oskien grimaced every time her plated-tail and hips swayed to cause the clingy material of her dress to hug tighter to those rounded spanked hindquarters.

“Kitana, please come in.” The hawk-faced Shotar sat at a low table, inclined upon an armrest. The table placed on a rise before a large oval window, which dominated the lair and opened out over the modern metropolis of Vorkrür City. Food already had been laid out. Sharr Khan held a ceramic mug of tea in one hand, sipped as he watched Kitana come to stand in front of him.

Longish, brown hair held back by a golden ring. The Shotar dressed rather informal, an ox-blood robe, over his winged Garuda, with black pajama pants. Alone in his lair, he did mind walking about bare chested and barefoot.

Respectively Kitana waited to be invited to sit.

Sharr Khan took in those toned ballerina curves, which were not quite hidden beneath the Asian concubine’s crimson dress. “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you. Tanusri helped me get ready. Did my hair and makeup.”

“Yes. I can see how she outlined your eyes. Very Falcanian.” Sharr cleared his throat. He knew the answer to what he was about to ask. “What else did Tansuri do?”

Kitana nervously chewed her lower lip. “After you spanked me,” she quivered. “Tansuri ordered me to stand on display in the nodor’s center, until it was time to get prepared for dinner.” She hadn’t enjoyed that. Pure humiliation. More so, because whenever she got lazy and dropped her hands from her head, Tansuri whacked her butt with a heavy hairbrush. Kitana then stupidly stuck out her tongue at one of the girls. The Chief Concubine couldn’t permit that, and practically gave her junior another full-on spanking. None of which took place without Sharr Khan’s permission. Though it helped drive home to Kitana that she should behave.

“Turn around for me.”

Butterflies fluttered in Kitana’s stomach, yet she nevertheless pivoted so that red-wings were to him, anticipated what he’d command of her next, and took hold of her dress’s hem.

“Go on, lift your skirt.”

Complainant, Kitana bent slightly, lifted her elegant silk dress, which she’d gotten altered to accommodate Falcanian wings and tail. Free hand moved aside her plated-tail and she tentatively eased downward her sheer canary yellow thong, so that Sharr Khan might have an unobstructed view of his handiwork.

“Does it hurt?”

“Oh yes!” Kitana said, gulped. “It burns.”

If anything, her buttocks looked to have gotten redder and began to become purplish. Of course, Kitana hadn’t been permitted any soothing balms. Sharr Khan realized he’d been fairly harsh. Though not undeservedly so. There’d been Oskien who’d suffered more, and for much less. At the moment the Shotar suppressed his primal urges. He’d invited Kitana here to enjoy a repast. That’s exactly what Sharr Khan meant to do first.

“Cover up and join me.”

Smoothing the silk over her blistered rump, Kitana walked up the few steps. She didn’t enjoy the thought of sitting. In a chair it would have been impossible. On the floor it wasn’t likely she’d be comfortable either. What she wanted to do was spend the night on her tummy. A naughty thought entered Kitana’s head and she couldn’t keep from grinning. Could there be any doubt where this night would end up?

Blushing, the Oskien glanced over at Sharr Khan’s sumptuous nest. The Shotar kept his office removed from his lair for a reason. These yurt-like chambers reeked of sex, to the point of distraction. Falcanian males secreted ensnaring chemicals that were addictive to mere human women. Kitana recalled the first time she’d been in Sharr’s lair, while still human. Probably the most amazing sex she’d ever experienced. Yet, next morning Ha-Nui Sang discovered herself craving Sharr Khan in a most unnatural fashion.

In retrospect, the Shotar’s biological powers were probably an unfair advantage.

Demurely Kitana got on her knees. Adjusted her fuck-me, stripper heels. The shoes were glorious leather lace-up things, but they didn’t exactly make kneeling on the floor easy. Regardless, Kitana moved with poised grace, forged both by ballet, as well as cultivated under the Tokugawa Shogun’s cruel demanding whip.

From a brass samovar, Sharr Khan poured Kitana tea. Its acidity smoky bergamot aroma immediately nibbled at the girl’s tiny nose. Falcanian senses were keen. The Shotar placed a dollop of sweetened, condensed milk into the green mug and handed it over.

“Thank you.” Said Kitana after a sip. The tea, traditionally strong and a world apart from the sort of brews she’d grown up with. It hadn’t been until she came to Vorkrür Island that Kitana learned to enjoy milk in her tea. Now she found the Imperial Blend a guilty pleasure.

For a moment Shotar and concubine gazed at one another.

“You seem disturbed,” Kitana said insightful, and then crestfallen. “Is it my behavior?”

So contrite, Sharr Khan thought somewhat disappointed. A single spanking and Kitana became dutiful and compliant. A much more primal part of the Shotar hoped to break her over time. Though he’d a hunch this current contriteness must be more the result of a freshly reddened butt then that of being collared.

“No, no.” Sharr Khan half-laughed while he eyed the concubine’s breasts. “There are things underway with my Darr-Varth which weigh on my mind.” Across the table he reached, touched Kitana’s cheek. “Not for you to worry over.”

Males said that sort of stuff to her all the time. ‘Don’t worry your pretty little head Honey… ‘ Kitana wanted to groan. Usually the statement, with the exclusion of her father, would be followed by ‘Now, get on your knees and pleasure me’.

The Oskien blurted out, not demurely. “Tell me!”

The Shotar shot a stern glance at his concubine.

“I mean,” Kitana composed herself. “Isn’t that what I’m here for? To help you unburden yourself and decompress.” She sipped from her tea. “Besides, I’m a Falcanian citizen now. Shouldn’t I care about the goings on of our government?”

Sharr Khan leaned back, regarded Kitana keenly. “Very well. Damianus Vorskrai, leader of the Guilthari caste is attempting to reform our government into a conclave of Nine Lords, who will do Falcanian business in secret. This is antithetical to everything I believe in when it comes to citizens and their government.” He shrugged. “However I feel cornered. Lord Vorskrai clearly has a leverage which he’s yet to reveal. I don’t like where any of this is going. Certainly it’s not what I desire for my people. We’re about to repeat mistakes that lead the world into corruption and desolation.” The Shotar breathed out heavily. “Falcanians are supposed to be a more nobler breed.”

Indeed. Sharr couldn’t help but remember The Purge. Thought, perhaps that the nuclear explosion, over what used to be the United States, did at least bring a purifying end to that horror which had become an out or control government.

Kitana understood she wasn’t qualified to offer any sort of political advice. If anything, that would be the Queen’s job. She could only listen. But letting Sharr Khan vent, even rant about the problem seemed to lighten up his morose mood. By the time he’d exhausted his thoughts to Kitana, Lord Damianus Vorskrai’s gambit no longer hung over the repast.

The concubine squirmed, distracted herself from the pervasive burn that throbbed in her sore ass with a mouthful of food. Shredded sprakzir-pig and mashed plantains. “Oh my!” Said Kitana. “This tastes glorious.” It did. The flavors, both salty, as well as slightly sweet were pulled together by glistening pork fat which blended with the plantains.

Sharr Khan leaned in, grinned. “Glad my culinary skills are to your liking –”

“You cooked this meal?” Kitana asked, wide-eyed.

“I did. Try the soup. A simple duck broth.”

And so Kitana did, very delighted when she dipped into the heavy bowl and along with bits of duck meat discovered a bright-yellow egg yolk. Falcanians were omnivorous, though animal matter served their bodies more effectively. The meal was heavy on proteins.

Repast complete, Sharr Khan and Kitana adjourned to a U-shape setup of heavy chairs, which ringed a golden stripper pole, arranged in a recess of the lair. The Shotar sat in his comfy cushioned chair, Kitana stood, almost shy before him.

Kitana of course knew what he expected of her. Not the first time she rode that pole.

“Music.” Sharr Khan called out and his lair’s computer began to play Warrant’s Cherry Pie, suitable to Kitana’s seductive movements. Poison’s Every Rose Has It’s Thorn soon followed. The play list, an indicator of what era the Shotar had grown up in.

The concubine slid off her crimson dress, glad to be free of it, got down onto the floor, moved seductively toward Sharr Khan, ass high in the air. Perky breasts jiggled as Kitana crawled between Sharr’s legs.

The Shotar took hold of Kitana’s loose hair, she grinned.

Kitana grabbed Sharr’s pajama pants, felt his hard, wanting erection push beneath the rich fabric. Yanked the pajamas and his underwear off, freeing his bulged penis, took the throbbing shaft in one hand, and stroked it, which made him grow harder. Then she placed her mouth around its base, manipulated Sharr Khan’s scrotum with her tongue.

Now, Kitana had been given strict instructions when it came to blow jobs. Tansuri instructed: Tease him if you must, bring the Shotar to his brink. Do not think however, having Sharr Khan gush all over your face, or even in your mouth will please him. No! Once you’ve primed the Shotar, he’s going to want to penetrate, and cum inside you.

That in mind, Kitana worked her mouth up and down his warm, throbbing cock, lubricating it with her own tongue, tasting his pre-cum on her lips. As she readied Sharr Khan, Kitana felt her own juices begin to course. A fresh moist spot dampened her panties.

At last the Shotar dragged Kitana up from between his knees, onto his lap, where she continued to fondle his cock in her hands. While she amused herself with his engorged phallus, Sharr Khan sucked on her nipples. Straddling him, Kitana moaned.

He’d had enough foreplay. Time to complete the deed. Sharr Khan guided his concubine across the lair, in the direction of his great nest. Teasing her body with his mouth. At one point, he barely touched his lips to her opened mouth. Not quite a kiss.

On the nest’s edge, Sharr Khan pushed Kitana down, removed her panties in one adroit movement. Leaning back on her elbows, she expected for him to mount her. Instead Sharr Khan grabbed her ankles and flipped Kitana onto her belly. Then took hold of her hips.

“Butt up.” Sharr Khan commanded.

Not knowing what to expect, Kitana positioned herself as ordered, chin resting on the back of her hands, elbows indented into the comfortable cushioned nest. She wiggled her buttocks, to his utmost delectation. She wanted him to FUCK her, and DO IT NOW! Thought playfully: He likes my ass, I guess it’s cute. Too bad it’s so black and blue. Though, she said to herself: Maybe he prefers it that way? And realized: Uh oh!

Slap! Sharr’s hand cracked down across the girl’s proffered butt.

“OUCH!” Kitana yowled. “That’s not fair.” She cried. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Holding her plated-tail in one hand, Sharr Khan rubbed Kitana’s swollen butt cheek which he’d slapped a few seconds before. This caused the concubine to sigh. His fingers moved slowly into her slit. Close to her oval ear, Sharr Khan whispered. “That’s so you’ll remember to be a good girl.”

“Milord.” Kitana touched her face to his lips, his mouth brushed against her earlobe. “I don’t think you really want me to be a ‘good girl’. I think that if I do the slightest thing wrong, break any rule, I’m going to get my booty walloped.”

Kitana encouraged him on. Promises that she would try to be a good girl. Yet, not too good of a girl, because she ought not deprive him of a reason to upend her and spank her tight little ass, given, it appeared he took much pleasure in such things. Wantonly Kitana spoke and Sharr Khan jammed his pulsating cock inside of her revved up pussy.

Squealing, biting the bedding, face buried in the elaborate nest’s cushions, Kitana reached yet another earsplitting orgasm. He wore her out. How many times had Sharr Khan bonked her? Three. Was it three? Yes it had been. Brain awash in the drug which were his secretions, the girl moaned lengthy and pleased.

Behind Kitana, who lay splayed out, open on his nest, Sharr Khan dropped back onto his pillows. Tired. Watched her tail sway in afterglow. He grabbed onto her tail and an ankle in one grip, tugged Kitana up nearer.

Kitana got on her knees, moved up to be where he lay at the top of the nest.

“Come here.” Sharr Khan grunted, orgiastic on his own climax. By her neck, and a handful of silky black hair, the Shotar pulled her mouth onto his own.

A kiss. Long and hard.

Collapsing onto his pillows after breaking their liplock, which left Kitana breathless, she curled up beside him and fell asleep with her head tucked under his chin.

A tingling sensation jolted the concubine awake.

Between the severe spanking, and Sharr Khan copulating with her like a jackhammer, Kitana’s thighs and backside ached to no end. The Shotar held onto her. The tingle? Sharr Khan’s finger, twitched ever so slightly, in his sleep, his hand had slid between her legs.

Gently Kitana disentangled herself from Sharr Khan’s embrace, sat up, and glanced over her shoulder out of the large oval window. Still nighttime. Though beyond Narshin Thryak’s walls, the concubine could see Vorkrür City bustled in its raging nightlife. The tall skyscrapers of an ascendant metropolis remained ever alight.

Drapery gave Sharr Khan’s lair the appearance of a yurt, or cave. The lair however proved to be much more modern than its regressive ornamentation let on. Really a suite of rooms, that included its own kitchenette, a few sitting places, and a giant bathroom. The Queen’s apartments reflected those of the Shotar’s. Yin-Yang, the apartments ringed a central hall, where the Shotar could converse with his advisers or most personal guests. At one wing of the top floor, the Queen’s Day Room and on the other, a private audience chamber. The whole complex serviced by a central elevator and four staircases that traveled the height of Narshin Thryak, upward to its residential apex.

Kitana glanced at a blue altar lamp as she made her way toward the bathroom.

Opulence didn’t do it justice. This was the kind of bathroom a woman craved. Glistening fixtures, a huge bathtub and three sinks. Lots of storage space for miscellaneous girly stuff. That is, aside from the life size, (very) anatomically accurate, nude Falcanian female sculptures which bordered the shower. The three carved women were all exaggerated almond eyes, wild hair, tiny noises, curvy bodies, and tits, which had just the right amount of drop to them. All depicted in that synthetic style Falcanians tended to render humanoids. A far span from Greek realism. No actual being could match the proportions. Lovely as they were.

Going to the toilet, Kitana regretted immediately sitting down on the gilded loo in order to relieve herself. The concubine cringed, bit on her lip.

Though she considered a bath, Kitana concluded that the bathtub, just wasn’t meant for a single person. Too big and probably would take a while to fill. Instead, she grabbed a monogrammed ox-blood, overlarge towel from a built-in cupboard and placed it on a hook beside the triangular shower stall. The faucet heads, three altogether, were held by the naked statues. Thankfully, the water did not pour lewdly out of any womanly orifice. Each spigot could be regulated singly, or in unison. Kitana wanted to get soaked, so she turned all three on. The spray cascaded off of the stylized Falcanian women, rolling into every crevice.

Reinvigorated, Kitana got out of the shower, went over to the sinks and mirror where she began to explore the vanity drawers. Yes. This certainly was a bathroom built and stocked for when you knew that you’d bring a flock of women up to your lair. She discovered unopened toothpaste and toothbrushes, new brushes and combs, as well as various feminine products. A modest set of drawers, locked, probably contained the Shotar’s own toiletries.

Rummaging about, in search of cold cream, Kitana eventually found what she had been looking for as well as two things which she had not. Along with the talcum powder and lotion, she stumbled on a pair of blue bikini panties. A trophy? Or had the woman they belonged to misplaced them? Sharr Khan didn’t seem to be the sort to collect trophies. The concubine thought the underwear might be the Queen’s. They were her color.

The other object, a medical instrument. A self-diagnosis scanner. By its calibration, Kitana guessed it likely did belong to the Queen. It seemed custom built.

After kneading the cream into her blistered haunches, Kitana dusted herself with talcum. On a whim, she turned the scanner on. Changed the knob to find out what she wanted to know. It needed body fluid to analyze, easy enough. The concubine gasped when the indicator turned green. She reset the device and ran the test again. Once more, the light became green. Kitana reset the instrument a last time, reran the test. Green.

Kitana panicked! Not the right reaction she knew, but couldn’t help but stand there and fret. This had to be routine. Right? It was, after all, a large reason for her being there. What she wanted to do was talk to her mother. That though, could never be. Who should she tell? Sharr Khan needed to know, but Kitana didn’t think she should just drop it on him. Tansuri perhaps? Yes, this felt as though it would be part of the Chief Concubine’s job.

Resolved and calmed, Kitana padded the distance of Sharr Khan’s lair and crawled back into the comfy nest beside him, rested her head on his pectoral muscle. Tansuri’d been rather clear on that subject. Don’t ever go to bed with the Shotar, and then not be anyplace to be found when he wakes. Not that Kitana ever thought of doing such a thing. The concubine liked it here in his nest. The sounds of the city at night lulled Kitana back to blissful sleep.

“Madam, if you’d be so kind? Might you wake up the Shotar? I would do so…” The Majordomo hesitated. “Only, given the gravity of what I need to tell him, I think a pretty girl waking him might prove better for his temper.” Shreik Hro Trakan. The Shotar’s drooping mustached, highly cultivated Majordomo asked Kitana as her eyes fluttered open.

Outside an orange dawn spread over Vorkrür City. Its bustling nightlife took a break, as people switched to morning schedules. Tourists from the subcontinent were now tucked away in hotel rooms, sleeping off the sex and gastronomic wonders which the island quickly became famous for. The Great Hall, outside of the lair however was disturbed by a guttural male voice that demanded to see the Shotar.

Nodding, Kitana removed the blanket, which covered Sharr’s face and whispered: “Milord. Shreik Trakan is here…” She swallowed. Dutifully reported with the gravity which the Majordomo indicated. “He’s something urgent to tell you.”

“Shreik…”Groggily said Sharr.

The Majordomo handed the Shotar his pajamas and underthings.

“Damianus Vorskrai is here –”

“I hear.” Said Sharr getting up, not pleased. “What’s he doing up in the residence?”

The Majordomo murmured. “We tried to keep him downstairs. He brought his hooligans. I know it’s not protocol…” And the Majordomo did indeed enjoy his protocol. “But I worried he’d provoke either the Drakorian, or Valküri units with his rabble. Atar Kran wanted to boot him.” The Majordomo licked his lips. “I attempted to schedule a private meeting. He demanded to see you right away. Claimed it was his right as leader of the Guilthari caste. I thought it best to let him pass without… Incident…”

“You did the right thing Shreik –”

“There you are!”

Damianus Vorskrai, Eastern European in origin. Giant, loomed three heads above the Shotar. Thick and dangerous looking. Bald, tribal tattoos covered his body, and metal bars and bolts pierced into his forehead, created a ridge. Rings dangled from his oval ears. The one physical characteristic he shared with Sharr Khan was a gunmetal tail and black wings. His countenance adopted to bully and intimidate. Probably the most uncouth person in all Falcanian holdings.

Dismissive, Sharr Khan declared. “How dare you enter my home at this ungodly hour Damianus and come, unbidden to my lair.”

Kitana strolled out of the nest, went to stand near Sharr Khan. Her clothing no place to be seen, instead wrapped one of the many ox-blood throws placed about the lair around her breasts. This did not however prevent Damianus Vorskrai from leering. The concubine hated the man right away.

“I’ll say one thing.” grinned Damianus. “Despite all our differences, you’ve an exquisite appreciation in women Sharr.” He came threateningly inside of the Shotar’s personal space. The Guilthari lord continued to eye Kitana, barely hidden under her coverlet. “I see, she’s a little spitfire.” Damianus said as he noticed the concubine’s blistered butt.

“Get to why you are here, Damianus.” Sharr Khan demanded.

“Milord.” Damianus sneered. “I come bringing gifts. An offer.”

“Offer? ” The Shotar let himself be intrigued.

“Reorganize our government as I’ve outlined.” Damianus Vorskrai could see his moment at hand. “And I’ll give you the stars.”


“On Mars, I’ve discovered a vein of hrisanar.” Damianus Vorskrai grinned. How could Sharr Khan not embrace what he extended? “With it, we can forge gravitic-fold drives. Build a fleet. Falcanians shall soar among the stars.”

The Shotar, turned away in thought. Considered. No wonder Vorskrai had been so bold. How could he not say yes? To do so would make him a fool. Yet the price. To fundamentally change Falcanian culture. Where would it lead? Could Sharr Khan live with himself if he chose this? As fast as he could, the Shotar began to formulate a response.

“This is the declaration, which you’ll sign, calling for the jirga’s dissolution.” Said Lord Vorskrai waving a tablet in Sharr Khan’s direction. He could hardly conceal his gloating. “An amendment to the ThunderHawk Compact. All legal, –”

Lord Vorskrai halted, mid-dictate, growled.

The Shotar turned. “Kitana!”

“Bitch!” Thundered Lord Vorskrai, clutched at his cheek. Blood dripped from where the concubine clawed him. “She’s a hellcat!” Indigent. “Does she not know who I am?” The Guilthari reached for Kitana, but Sharr pulled her out of his range. “Your concubine needs her ass tanned.”

“I must apologize.” The Shotar said, displeased he must offer apology to this Guilthari, whom he loathed. Though, Sharr had a good idea what provoked Kitana. Vorskrai did barge uninvited into his lair, and Sharr Khan hadn’t hidden his dislike for the man. None of which excused Kitana’s reckless conduct. Foolish girl. “I think my concubine thought you came here to insult me.”

“Milord. Can’t you see what he’s do –”

“Shut up, Kitana.” Sharr Khan said, more for her own welfare, than his.

Blue eyes narrow. Nadia observed. Deliberately, did not insert herself. Breasts rose and fell with each serene, regular breath, appeared as if they might pop out of her taut, daringly low cut cobalt nightgown. Next to Nadia, ready and waiting for instructions, hovered Barnabas, her personal bucket headed, black and gold butlerdroid.

Oh my God, Kitana thought, as she caught sight of the Queen, where she stood, back to the doorjamb. Does she wake up ravishing? A very female sentiment struck Kitana. Nadia’s auburn hair hung in beguiling, wild twists and curls. The Oskien couldn’t help but think to herself. Wish, I got out of bed looking that good.

“I won’t sign that declaration –”

“What?” Damianus replied bewildered. “I’ll ruin you –”

“Unless, that is.” Sharr Khan continued. “I become owner of your hrisanar mine. Not only this lone deposit, but all future such caches which you, and your Guilthari happen upon.”

“But… But,” stammered Damianus. “The hrisanar belongs to the people, it is theirs.”

That of course wasn’t true. The mine, as did the rest of his Workers Amalgamate, belonged to house Vorskrai. To claim otherwise was propaganda.

“No. It is mine.” Sharr Khan stated without qualification. “Additionally, Drakorian Guard will be assigned to watch over your operations.”

The Guilthari shrugged. “Very well.”

Sending away Damianus Vorskrai with a curt gesture, after signing the tablet, the Shotar stepped over beside his Majordomo. “Shreik, my old friend. I have something particular planned for you. We must discuss your ascendency as first Chancellor to these Nine Lords.”

“Me?” Asked the Majordomo incredulous.

“Yes, you Shreik Trakan.”

Lord Damianus Vorskrai triumphant, might have, as he exited, ogled Nadia, given her fetching appearance. That is, did he not fear her. Indeed, his apprehension ignited on a tour he’d attended three months before with the Imperial Family, of the city presently named Numai. Those in attendance included Nadia’s Father-Creator, Dr. Turhan Korelia, attired in his typical shimmery-blue Nehru jacket. Escorted by Sikh warriors, provided by India’s ruler. The Falcanian delegation was assaulted by a Muslim, who yelled: ‘Allahu Akbar, death to all abominations!’ Evidently, this Islamist did not intend suicide, as he wielded a pistol. Sharr got shot in the shoulder, as was his custom, he wore a jodtok. The armored vest saved his life. Nadia’s Father-Creator, wasn’t so lucky. Unbound, Nadia advanced furious. Bullets shredded her clothes, yet slammed harmless onto inorganic, gynoid flesh. Abominations? The Muslim had no idea. The Queen wrenched the autopistol away, crumpled it. And then proceeded to crush his skull.

From that day on, Lord Damianus Vorskrai retained a healthy fear of Nadia Korelia.

Kitana worried, where she stood beside Sharr Khan’s big chair. Though, everyone seemed to forget that she was there. Sharr Khan conferred with his Majordomo, in an effort to make sure this new government did not result in the travesty he imaged it would become. The Queen motioned for her to come over. Glancing at the Shotar for a second, Kitana went to the doorjamb.

“I saw you strike Damianus.” Nadia let out a long breath.

“Your Grace… I, I needed to do something. That man –”

“Even if I’d been in that nest with Sharr, this problem would have resolved itself as it did. Don’t blame yourself.” Nadia noted. “You were trying to defend Sharr, I understand it. A commendable, if misguided impulse.” She sighed. Who was she kidding? Nadia would have enjoyed being the woman that put those claw marks on Lord Vorskrai’s cheek. “This doesn’t change the fact you’re going to get punished.”

Kitana clutched tighter to her coverlet.

Shreik Trakan departed Sharr’s lair, walked between the two women, said. “My Queen.” Nodded kindly toward Kitana.

“KITANA.” Sharr Khan called angrily soon after.

“One second, Sharr my love.” Nadia took Kitana’s hand. “You’d better tell him.”

“Tell him?”

“About how things have…” Nadia licked her lips. “Changed…”

“You know?”

The Queen motioned at her temple.

“Oh, right. I forgot about that. Remind me to never lie to you, your Grace.”

“Nadia, will do just fine Kitana.” The Queen glanced over at her butlerdroid. “Barnabas,” she commanded. “Have breakfast prepared in my Day Room, and get a selection of clothes readied for Miss Kitana. Also, have my assistant clear my schedule. I suspect Sharr is going to have a long day ahead and I want to be free to help.”

Body first, Barnabas rotated where he hovered. and then bucket head swiveled as the mechanical valet hurried away to carry out its mistress orders.

Impatient, Sharr Khan grumbled. But stayed his temper. Nadia had allowances very few others did not. The sudden rapport between his Queen and concubine though hadn’t been something he’d anticipated. What did they conspire over?

Maternally, Nadia went with Kitana, hand in hand to go see Sharr Khan. “Sharr,” said the Queen soothingly, hoped that she might ablate his anger. “Kitana has something very important she needs to say to you.”

“First, I shouldn’t have scratched Lord Vorskrai. I was wrong.”

“I’m glad you understand that Kitana.” Sharr Khan spoke in a low voice. Sort of a deadly, reserved anger. “I’m still going to punish you however. And am somewhat astonished Damianus didn’t demand to watch.” The Shotar would have been hard pressed to not let him. “Is that all?”

“No!” Kitana quickly said. “I’m.” She gazed downward at her toes. “Pregnant.”

There went his wall of anger. “I see.”

“You see?” Nadia scowled. “Muster some enthusiasm.”

“Nadia. You well know, I am thrilled by every child born in this palace –”

The Queen had a particular skill which let her put Sharr Khan in his place without making him lose standing. One of the few women who could get away with raising her voice to him. “I only want you to congratulate the mother of your new baby.” She pushed her finger into his chest. “Whom I might add, meant to stand up for you.” She sighed. “I understand just as you do, that we cannot go around insulting our caste lords.” Nadia assured. “I know Kitana will submit when you ask her to. First though, tell her you’re happy.”

Obviously, Kitana earned Nadia’s seal of approval.

Sharr Khan kissed the girl on her lips. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Milord.” Said Kitana out of breath.

The Shotar pointed toward an embellished wooden wardrobe. “There’s a slipper in that cabinet Kitana, fetch it.”

Submissive, Kitana plodded over to the heavy piece of furniture.

“Nadia, give us the room.”

“I think I’ll stay.”

On occasion, Sharr thought, Nadia enjoyed watching him spank his concubines.

“It’s not that.” Nadia said, so as to disabuse him of his errant thought, which blazed in her positronic brain like a live wire. “Don’t take your frustration toward Damianus Vorskrai out on this poor girl’s backside. Punish Kitana, but only because she overstepped her place.”

Dismayed when she opened the cupboard, Kitana rummaged through the shelves. Clearly, Sharr Khan had a kink. There was an assortment of canes, were she not newly gravid, probably one of those he’d ask her to fetch. Straps, some slit and others not. All very mean looking items. None she really wanted to be spanked with. The slipper itself seemed rather heavy, sort of flattened. It must have gotten lots of use. Perhaps cordwained exclusively for this task?

“Place your hands on the chair.” Sharr said after the concubine handed him the slipper.

Kitana dropped the coverlet, bent over in the recessed area where Sharr Khan usually sat to watch his concubines strip. Behind her, the Shotar flipped her tail aside, pushed Kitana further into the chair, so that she supported herself on her elbows. Buttocks became a wider target. Grrr! Only a few hours ago, she’d been giving him a blow job in this very spot.



Whack! He spanked one cheek, and then another.

The girl hollered, jumped out of place a few times, yet quickly got back into position.

“Please stop!” Implored the concubine. The slipper reintegrated the fire that already simmered in Kitana’s tumescent buttocks. “It hurts.” Sobbed the girl. “Stop. Please! Please! Please!”

Yet, the Shotar proceed onward, not deterred. He spanked both Kitana’s ass and thighs until they were a deeper shade of red.

“Enough.” Nadia spoke in a hushed voice.

To be sure, Sharr Khan had heard his wife. Probably agreed with her even, but did not, right off finish spanking. Mustn’t leave Kitana with the wrong impression, that the Queen, and not the Shotar, ruled his roost.

The Shotar helped Kitana stand up, and sat himself in the chair, pulled the crying Oskien onto his lap. The Queen quietly took her leave. They’d be expected to take breakfast with Nadia, and Barnabas would soon return with clothes for Kitana. For now, Kitana pressed her forehead to his while she sobbed. The intense crying, eventually became little snivels, soon giggles, and then somewhat to his surprise, Kitana planted a hungry kiss on his mouth.

“What’s so funny?”

“The comedy of errors, which got me spanked three times in the course of so few hours.”

“Not errors –”

It did not take much effort. A wiggle of her ass…

Then she reached into his pajamas, tugged.

He ejaculated into her hand. There, all the tension which he’d acquired since his confrontation with Lord Vorskrai melted away. Before he could admonish her further, Kitana instead kissed her Shotar. Gleefully declaimed. “I’m going to be a mother!”


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