Mattel MOTU Origins: Castle Grayskull

Published on 3 November 2022 at 22:25

At the center of the universe, at the border between the light and the dark stands Castle Greyskull. For countless ages, the Sorceress of Greyskull has kept this universe in harmony. But the armies of darkness do not rest, and the capture of Greyskull is ever most in their minds. For with those that control Greyskull come, the Power. The power to be supreme, the power to be almighty, the power to be... Masters of the Universe!

Holy grail, acquired!

Yes I did have Castle Grayskull as a kid. In fact going by my memory, I got it for my birthday along with He-Man and Skeletor.

I am actually into this sculpt. That is, I vibe this more defined skull face. Really I'd really just want it to have the Pawn crown cap like on the Masters of the Universe Classics castle, which this version appears to draw so much from.

OK. Things are looking a little crowded here. I think I need to refine this display, though I am not too sure how exactly. The one change I did make was place the Green Goddess/Teela in the tower where the flag usually goes, my ceiling is too low for the flag.

Do wish I could display it opened up, but as you can see that won't be too doable. Not enough room.

But anyhow. Overall I love it. Sure there are a few nitpicks and things I might have done different - Not keen on the white speckles in the plastic. I understand what they were attempting, but to my eye it comes off as stress marks. However you can really only see it if you look real, real close. Regardless now my MOTU figures have a proper centerpiece. I mean, Grayskull is what this is all about.

Good journey! 

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