Masters of the Universe: Revolution

Published on 26 January 2024 at 21:13

It poses to its hero a question, and cheats him out of his answer. The answer of which is built into the narrative.

Okay. Overall I enjoyed Masters of the Universe: Revolution. Clearly Mattel told Kevin Smith to try to clean up his mess from the first installment. I'm glad for the retcon of Skeletor. William Shatner did a great job as his alter ego Keldor. I was glad to see the romance between Adam and Teela.

I see Mattel has settled on the metaphysics of the CGI series when it comes to "The Power".

Believe it or not, my one and only problem with the whole thing which kinda of leaves a bitter taste in my mouth is the dissolution of the Eternian Monarchy. Aside from the messaging, the setup should it be followed through on is gonna be groan inducing.

Its also a cheat. Taking away Adam's choice and ability to balance his role as champion and rightful Monarch.

They set Andra up to be Adam/He-man's boss rather than him being the rightful King and Champion. Fixed a bunch of stuff but took 4 steps backwards in that move in the goodwill they were trying to restore. As I said I enjoyed it but I am going to see this whole "Democracy in Eternia" thing squashed. Its akin to King Arthur putting aside the Sword in the Stone or Conan choosing to not become King of Aquilonia. @MattelAction @Mattel

Masters of the Universe, needs wizards and champions and Kings and Queens. It is not Earth , it is a primal world at the center of all Creation. Unsuited to mundane Earth things which have no business intruding into the narrative.

Look. I will very likely watch it again, but will hit stop just after KING He-Man defeats the usurper Keldor. Should there be another series @mattel is going to need to have that ending walked back its brand ruining. I was literally okay with it until Adam started blurting about democracy...


So. Three and half stars. The source material, in this instance DC Comics Eternity War series remains the better version of these topics explored.

*Gates McFadden gets a special shout out as being a far better Queen Marlana.

@Mattel I'm going to make it my mission in life to see that Eternia's proper and only valid government is restored in Monarchy. Mattel would do themselves a favor and have that ending re-edited and a voiceover talking about rebuilding and simply moving on from there. Why does this matter? Because they will carry it over across the MOTU Brand if its not stomped out now.

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