Masters of the Universe Origins: Fisto [Battle Fist Malcom]

Published on 3 April 2022 at 14:34

Duncan's big brother Malcom joins my Masters of the Universe Origins shelf!

I have a clear memory of opening the Fisto and Stridor boxset in the Eighties on Christmas. It felt HUGE to a little boy.

I can remember taking Fisto and Stridor and galloping them down the hallway of our house. Didn't even bother me that Stridor was mostly a statue. Despite the articulation callout there on the box, the robot horse was a brick! I do not currently have the new Origins articulated Stridor - But his rider...

Mattel Knows How to Photograph Their Toys!

Fisto always reminded me of an Old Time Strongman, with his manly beard and giant metal fist!

Okay, I love the family units and dynamic in Masters of the Universe, such as making Skeletor (Prince Keldor)King Randor's elder half-brother and He-Man and She-Ra's uncle. 

Brothers - Battle Fist Malcom and Duncan - Man-At-Arms

In the case of Fisto and Man-At-Arms however it brings up an interesting issue. Which of the two brothers is Teela's biological father? In the 200X reboot the plan seemed to be have Fisto be, Teela's bio-dad, this did not go over great and as I understand there was some backtracking and they came and asserted, 'No' that was just going to be a red-herring, that indeed Duncan is indeed Teela's actual father and not just her adoptive parent. Meaning, Teela-Na, the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull knew exactly who she put her child in the care of.

I'll be honest, I am kind of in the camp of having Man-At-Arms being Teela's actual dad. Perhaps less dramatic that way, but its also poetic. I think if we are to judge by MOTU: Revelation, that seems to be the canon notion Mattel is going with. 

Good Journey!

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