Masters of the Universe Origins: Lords of Power Mer-Man: Ocean Warlord [Squidish Rex]

Published on 4 April 2022 at 21:35

The lord of Eternia's seas, and maybe Beast Man's BFF joins the Evil Warriors in his proper eight back and cross sell form!

I have a memory of owning Mer-Man at some point. It is all very vague. I also remember wondering why Mer-Man looked nothing like the art on the back of the blister card. It appears Origins Lords of Power Mer-Man fixes that and gives us the Ocean Warlord as he had intended to be.

In any meaningful way this is a better version of Mer-Man, and at last Stinkor can now own the original mold!

At first I thought his feet were different from Skeletor, but they aren't, same Demon-feet, just the details appear better in yellow.

I actually don't have any strong feelings about this figure either way. Possibly cause to me Mer-Man was sort of Beast Man's sidekick and he's mostly filling an Evil Warrior slot here, more than an emotional or nostalgic place for me in this instance. 

Cool figure, never the less.

Good Journey!

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